The schedule of operation for the various facilities within the Club shall be published in the Club newsletter or posted at the Club, but is subject to change to accommodate special events. The clubhouse may be closed to Members every Monday, except on holidays which fall on Monday and except for special events. The entire Club, including the golf course, tennis courts and swimming facilities, will be closed on December 25th. The schedule of operation is also subject to change due to weather conditions.
Club Management shall endeavor to publish all special Member functions in the Club newsletter or to post such functions at the Club, including dinner dances, banquets and special social functions.
(a) Each primary Member and alternate Member will be issued membership cards. A Member may also request that membership cards be issued to dependent children.
(b) Presentation of the membership card may be required for purchases and activities at the Club. Each Member must carry his or her card while at the Club. Members are not permitted to lend or give their card to others for any reason. Violation of this rule may result in expulsion. Club Management may ask Members at any time for verification of identity.
(c) Lost or stolen cards must be immediately reported to the membership director at which time a temporary card will be issued and a new permanent card ordered for a charge of five dollars($5.00).
Members have the option of paying for the purchase of merchandise, food and beverages, and services in cash or by a charge to their membership billing account. Club Management reserves the right to suspend or place limits upon a Member’s charging privilege or require a deposit from a Member.
Members may bring guests to the Club at designated times and subject to such rules and policies as established by Club Management, including the payment of applicable guest fees. Every guest is limited to twelve (12) visits per year, with a maximum of one (I) visit per month. Members are responsible for the conduct of, all obligations and debts incurred by, and any damage caused by, their guests. Guests playing golf or tennis must be in the company of their host Member at all times unless otherwise approved by Manager, in its sole discretion. Club Management, in its sole discretion, may deny guest privileges to any individual.
(a) Any unmarried dependent child under the age of twenty-two (22) years who is a full-time student is considered a minor for the purpose of these Rules. However, a person between eighteen (18) and twenty-two (22) years of age who owns a membership is not considered a minor.
(b) Member parents or guardians of minors are directly responsible for the actions of their minor children and guests’ children. In the event of violations of these Rules or other policies by minors, restrictions may be imposed on family use of the Club.
(c) Alcoholic beverages may not be sold to any person under the age of twenty-one (21). Minors are not permitted at any bar or in any card rooms.
(d) Minors under the age of fourteen (14) years entering the Club must be accompanied and supervised by an adult member at all times, except when properly qualified and enrolled in any junior golf or tennis program.
(e) No children under the age of six (6) are permitted on the golf course.
(f) Use of the Club by minors may be limited or restricted.
(a) Members are to conduct themselves in a manner which will not interfere with other Members or their guests’ enjoyment of the Club. Obnoxious or abusive language and rude or boisterous behavior is prohibited.
(b) The golf course is to be used for golf play only. Other recreational activities, including, but not limited to, biking, roller skating, skateboarding, and recreational walking are not permitted on the golf course.
It is the policy of Walden On Lake Houston Country Club to provide that the 19th Hole, Main Dining Room, Palmer Lounge and Locker Rooms will be non-smoking areas. This policy is subject to continual review and change at the discretion of management and the Board of Governors.

No Personal monuments, markers, plaques (etc) in any form will be allowed anywhere on Club Property.
Any injury to persons or damage to property should be reported immediately to the Manager or other responsible staff member.
As voted on by the Board of Governors the Dress Code Policy for the clubhouse is as follows:

Generally speaking, attire and grooming shall not be offensive to other Members or their guests. Members are responsible for seeing that their guests conform to this dress code. Club Management reserves the right to refuse privileges to anyone it determines to be in violation of the dress code.

Golf attire, tennis attire, appropriate denim*, and appropriate shorts** are permitted in the Golf Shop, Grill and Locker Rooms. T-Shirts are not appropriate attire for anyone over the age of 10 and not permitted. 

Appropriate denim* is now acceptable in the19th Hole. Appropriate shorts** are permitted in the Main Dining Room and Overlook Lounge during special Member golf events or golf tournaments where the Main Dining Room is closed to normal Member dining. The club at its discretion may require specific dress for certain events. Please be aware of all upcoming events and any dress requirements they may require.

Gentlemen must wear shirts with collars or bands and sleeves. Shirts should be tucked-in unless they are shirts designed to be worn outside. Shoes are required at all times in all dining areas.

Children under the age of 10 are allowed to wear shorts and T-shirts as long as they are not tattered, torn or in disrepair. T-shirts should be tucked in and should contain no vulgar words or symbols.

*Appropriate denim is defined as jeans being worn and cut at waist level, in good repair and consistent in color. They should not be tattered, frayed, patched, discolored or otherwise in disrepair.

(a) Lockers in the clubhouse may be rented by Members on an annual basis, pursuant to a locker rental agreement to be executed between the Member and the Club. Lockers, if available, are obtained by arrangement with the Club and are billed on the Member’s statement.
(b) Members and their guests must change shoes and clothes in the locker rooms only. Changing of shoes or clothes in the parking lot is prohibited
(c) Members specifically agree that the Owner of the Club, Club Management, and their agents and employees are hereby held harmless against, and are not responsible for, any losses, damages or claims which may arise from the Member’s use of said lockers.
A service charge is added to all food and beverage checks. Tipping of Club personnel is permitted when special or individual services are provided.
Employees are to be treated in a courteous and considerate manner. No employee shall be reprimanded in any way by a Member. Any complaints regarding service rendered by Club personnel must be made to the Manager. Depending upon the severity of the complaint, Club Management may require the Member to make the complaint in writing along with the complaining Member’s signature. Members are requested to report misbehavior or violations of rules or laws committed by employees, other Members or guests to the Manager, and all violations will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.
All Members must drive and park motor vehicles in accordance with applicable laws and posted regulations. Members drive and park their motor vehicles at the Club at their own risk. The Owner of the Club, Club Management and their employees and agents are hereby held harmless against and are not responsible for, any loss or damage to Member motor vehicles or any contents thereof while being driven or parked at the Club. Parking is permitted only in designated areas. Overnight parking is prohibited.
With the exception of seeing eye dogs, pets or other animals are not permitted anywhere at the Club at any time, regardless of whether they are on leash or are attended.


The service hours of the different food and beverage departments will be published in the Club’s newsletter or posted at the Club.
(a) Members are not permitted in the kitchens or other “back of the house” areas.
(b) Members may not bring food or beverages into the Club that are not purchased at the Club unless the Member has obtained the prior permission of the Manager.
(a) The Private Event Director should be contacted for information and reservations regarding banquets and special functions.
(b) All reservations for banquets and special functions require a deposit payment.
(c) Available dates must be reserved as soon as possible but no later than fourteen (14) working days prior to the available date.
(d) The number of guests attending must be guaranteed three (3) working days before the function date.
(e) The food and beverage staff will prepare five percent (5%) more than the guaranteed quantity in case of extra attendance. The hosting member is required to pay the costs for the guaranteed quantity as well as the cost of any additional service rendered above this quantity. Payment must be made in full in cash or by check no later than the day of the function and may be charged to a Member’s account.
Liquor law violations are not permitted at the Club. It is illegal for any person to bring alcoholic beverages into the Club for the purpose of consumption or storage. It is also illegal to remove alcoholic beverages from the Club. Club Management employees may refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to any Member or guest who appears to be intoxicated. Minors may not purchase or consume alcoholic beverages anywhere at the Club.
The food and beverage manager, acting under the supervision of the Manager, has the responsibility for supervision and control of all matters relating to the food and beverage department. The food and beverage manager may refuse privileges to anyone who, in his or her judgment, violates the applicable Rules, etiquette or dress code. Responsibility for such supervision may be delegated.

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