“Where Friends Invite Friends”

We are excited that you have taken the time to enter our site to learn more about Membership opportunities at Walden on Lake Houston. We thank you for doing that because we do have some openings in our Membership roster that we certainly want to talk to you about.

We are proud to run under the philosophy of partnering with our members in order to help facilitate the fulfillment of the Members’ vision for their Club. This partnership is exampled by our enrollment process of “Membership by Invitation Only”. This means that every new Member who enrolls in any of our Clubs is sponsored by, and receives an invitation from, a Member of the Club. This is a prideful tradition and ensures all of our New Members are families that will enhance our Membership roster and the camaraderie of the Club. Although, we take great pride in the many amenities and services that our Clubs offer, our most valuable asset is our Members.

Personal Tour
Should you be interested in membership with us, we would like to extend an invitation for you to come out and experience our Club firsthand. Please let me contact you to schedule a personal club visit and learn more about our current membership opportunities.

Complete the Guest Information so that I can contact you today! Contact Tanna Shelton, Membership Director, at tshelton@waldencc.com or 832.445.2105.

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